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Developmental Checklist for Physical Therapy

Parents should consider seeking an evaluation with a Physical Therapist if their child demonstrates any of the following:

Birth to 2 months:

• Does not push up on forearms and lift head while lying on his/her stomach
• Does not roll from side to back from both left and right sides
• Does not bear weight through both feet flat on the floor in supported standing

3 months:

• Does not bring both hands to center of body
• Cannot keep belly off legs in sitting for 5 seconds

4 months:

• Does not keep head upright when turning to look to the side
• Does not lift arms or kick legs off surface while lying on belly

5 months:

• Does not bring feet or hands to toy when presented in front while he/she is lying on his/her back
• Does not sit by his/her self with arms propped in front for support
• Does not bring feet to hands and mouth

6 months:

• Does not roll from back to belly and belly to back over left and right sides
• Cannot sit alone for at least 1 minute
• Cannot bounce in standing

7 months:

• Does not attempt to break falls in sitting by putting arms out on floor
• Cannot reach and grab toys in sitting without falling over
• Does not get on hands and knees
• Does not pull to sitting position

8 months:

• Cannot crawl on hands and knees
• Cannot belly or army crawl
• Cannot move from a sitting position onto hands and knees
• Does not pull to standing position on furniture

9 months:

• Does not use crawling as primary means of movement
• Cannot catch self with hands when falling backwards in sitting
• Does not pull to stand with 1/2 kneel use (1 knee up and 1 knee down)
• Does not walk with 2 hands held

10 months:

• Does not lower self from standing, but will plop or fall to ground
• Cannot walk with a push toy

12 months:

• Does not play in multiple positions including: up on both knees, 1/2 kneel (1 knee up and 1 knee down), squatting
• Does not attempt walking independently

18 months:

• Cannot walk backwards 5 steps
• Does not attempt to catch, kick, or throw a ball

24 months:

• Cannot run
• Cannot walk sideways
• Cannot jump forward, up, or down with 2 feet

30 months:

• Cannot stand on 1 foot for 3 seconds
• Cannot walk on tiptoes
• Cannot throw or kick a ball in the intended direction

36 months:

• Cannot walk up stairs with 1 foot per step
• Cannot catch a ball with hands only




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