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Below are some testimonials from actual patients.

"I wanted to give you an update on Sarah! First of all, we are SO BLESSED with her progress! Her teacher told me the other day she needs to remind Sarah to be quiet during work!! She's doing great overall! I keep thinking back to when she was 8 or so weeks old not knowing what the future held! (and yes, I cried when her teacher told me she was talking a ton and a social butterfly!) Every chance I had I'd move my tongue all around for her, tell her everything I was doing (I still get stares in the stores for doing it) and do the facial exercises. And here she is 4 years later writing her name, drawing pictures that are recognizable, and having to be reminded that work is done quietly, not while you're chit - chatting with your friends or singing songs!!

Your line of work makes such a great impact on people's lives! As a parent of a previous patient, your impact on our family's life has been huge! You gave us hope (and taught us) when we had very little. I liken our experience with All for Kids to the instruction book that you never got when your child was born. All those sheets you gave us we kept and used with Andrew. We are very grateful to have worked with you all for the couple of years we were there! When I catch a glimpse of her playing on the playground with other kids, I think about you guys and how exciting it would be for you to see that, with no signs of previous nerve damage or facial paralysis of any sorts!"

As they would say in the south, "Y'all rock!"
Jenn K

Before starting therapy my child...
"Was not speaking or using more than 10 words and could not use a combo of words. He would use a lot of screaming to communicate with people."

Now my child...
"Can use more than 40 words and is using 3 word sentences. Screaming has been reduced and he is starting to use more words to communicate with people."

Before starting therapy my child...
"• Was angry at life
• Had no friends
• Couldn't express how he felt
• Was in the principal's office 2 times a week
• Was disruptive in class
• Punched / kicked holes in the wall
• Couldn't run well, ride a bike or swim
• Had very low self esteem"

Now my child...
"• Is happy
• Has made a few friends
• Is making better choices when he is angry
• Received 2 awards at the end of school for great behavior and turning in all his homework all year
• His teacher finds him polite and helpful in class
• Runs with other kids
• He can ride a bike and is learning to swim
• His self esteem is great. All of his therapy has changed his life. He has made huge progress"

Before starting therapy my child...
"Was only able to make requests using his PECS or very limited "prompted" request with his Voice Output Device."

Now my child...
"Is spontaneously using his VOD, including using verbs to make his request known."

Before starting therapy my child...
"Would have 4-6 "meltdowns" per week that involved crying, screaming, kicking and would last anywhere from 2-4 hours. She also struggled with knowing how to self-regulate when she was over or under stimulated. She had a hard time focusing in school and knowing how to appropriately interact with peers her own age. It was very common for her to end up crying and state she had no friends and they hated her."

Now my child...
"Will occasionally have a "meltdown", 1-3 times a month. In addition they usually only last 30 min-1.5 hours. She now knows that she craves movement and has several ways to achieve this and seeks those activities on her own. She very rarely resists when told she needs quiet time to "re-center" and states that it makes her feel better. She now has techniques that she uses in the class room to focus including, gum chewing, a therapy ball, and privacy folders. Issues with friends is still a battle but instead of everyday it is only a few times a week.

This therapy has totally changed how our family interacts with our daughter and she is much happier!"

Before starting therapy my child...
"couldn't talk and was very frustrated trying to communicate."

Now my child...
"is 4 years older, and we can understand her completely!"

"Although we have years of work and love to continue helping our beloved adoptive son, he is nothing short of a miracle incarnate. The MANY therapies have literally given him his best chance of any normalcy in his life. He is starting to emerge from his isolated prison and even beginning fledgling social interactions and associations. His OT and PT skills have given him confidence to go forward. He is trying new skills and is even initiating communication with others."

Before starting therapy my child...
"did not speak and could not follow one step commands. I could not communicate with him to fulfill his needs. I would anticipate his needs and never let him show me what he needed/wanted."

Now my child's...
"words have skyrocketed. He uses a mixture of signs and spoken language to tell me his needs, feelings and wants. He repeats words and actions and grows everyday."

Before starting therapy my child...
"had constant falls, meltdowns and refusal to try new tasks that were difficult for her. She could not make a "+" or reach many age appropriate fine motor skills. She had extreme anxiety regarding physical activities like jumping.

Now my child's...
"fine motor and gross motor skills have improved dramatically and her behavioral struggles have diminished significantly. She now has a willingness to try difficult tasks like using scissors, making/tracing letters and even hopping on one foot! She also has started to communicate her needs and her discomforts, which has diminished tantrums."

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